Lost Data After Jailbreak? Here Are 3 Solutions!

Hi. I recently downloaded a jailbreak in my iPhone and I happened to meet a huge problem; all my useful data mysteriously disappeared after the jailbreak! I dint have an idea that this could happen. I feel troubled, what can I do? Please help” Although you may take good care of your important iPhone data, sometimes things turn out to what you don’t expect. For instance, your download a jailbreak on your iPhone and all your data is lost unknowingly. However, you should not panic much in such situations since there are ways you can retrieve your lost data back. This article will help you recover your data from iTunes or iCloud backup and also using iMyfone D-Back software as an iPhone data recovery tool.

Make sure that you have made backup before

To be successful in recovering your lost data back, you need to ensure that you have the back of the data. Whenever you back up your data, it makes it easy to recover the data in the future if it gets lost or is accidentally deleted from your iPhone. It becomes hard to recover the lost data back if you did not make a backup of the data before.

Steps to Restore From An iTunes Backup

You can always recover your lost data from iTunes or iCloud backup. To restore from iTunes backup, you must connect your iPhone to the computer from which you generated the backup then proceed with the following steps. 1 Open the iTunes and get to File then hit on Devices, thereafter click on Recover from iTunes or you could tap on device button. 2 Get to the Summary option then hit on Restore backup. If ‘Find my iPhone ‘is enabled in your device, you need to turn it off; get to Settings, to iCloud then Find my iPhone in your device. 3 Pick on the backup file you want to restore and finally click on Restore. It will take a little while to have your data back. Restore from itunes backup

Steps to Restore From An iCloud backup

Having an iCloud backup allows you to retrieve your data back in an event where you lose your data out of various disasters. Restoring from iCloud is an easy task. You can restore all your lost data from iCloud backup in the following ways; 1 First you need to reset your iPhone settings; go to Settings, then General to Reset then Erase all content and Settings. Thereafter a hello screen appears, swipe on it to start the setup process. 2 Access the internet and click Restore from iCloud backup. Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID. 3 Choose the backup file that you want to restore and wait for it to be transferred to your iPhone. It will take short time to restore your data back. Restore from iCloud backup

Selectively Recover Data From Different Backups

You can selectively recover your lost data from different backups with iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery or iPhone data recovery for Mac. For instance, you can recover from iCloud or iTunes backup.
imyfone d-back iphone data recovery

The Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

  • Powerful iPhone data recovery program that is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.
  • Recover deleted or lost data from iPhone or any other iOS device such as iPad and iPod touch.
  • It recovers lost data such as contacts, call history, calendars, photos and many more.
  • Recover lost data from different backups; you can recover from iTunes and iCloud backups.
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Advantages of using iMyfone D-Back software

iMyfone D-Back is of great advantage. It can recover lost data from different backup files. It allows you to recover your data from iTunes and from iCloud backup. iMyfone D-Back does not overwrite the data; whenever you create a new data after the backup, it won’t be overwritten saving you a lot of worries . In addition, it lets you restore data lost in different circumstances such as an iPhone jailbreak, an iPhone attacked by avirus, an iPhone is damaged or broken or where you forget the password to your iPhone. Now try to use this software to save your data! Windows version Mac version