Apple Watch 2: The Top 5 Rumors

We finally live in the era of smart watches, where our fast paced lives can be managed by a time piece. We’ve always fantasized about having a cool -James Bond like- watch & due to the technological advancement, it became possible to have such a staggering watch. new apple watch image Since the release of the first Apple Watch, people have been on the edge of their seats waiting for the new Apple Watch grand announcing. Even though, it was rumored that the new iWatch of Apple would be introduced at Apple’s past event in March, till now there is no confirmed release date. However, there are a number of rumors that’s making us extremely excited, so we thought we’d share with you the top rumors: Design Rumors; One of the rumors talked about the reduction in thickness that may get up to 40% & there are talks about a smaller bezel & including new materials like titanium, tungsten, palladium, or platinum. However, multiple sources have declared that no major design changes will happen. So Apple Watch 2016 will look the same as the first one but with minor tweaks for a better look. Camera Rumors; Some reports stated that in an attempt from Apple to make the newest Apple Watch more practical & desirable for users, a front camera will be installed for FaceTime & enhanced wireless capabilities & to enable easy access to incoming & outgoing video calls right from our Watch without having to reach for the phone. We have to admit that would be a really good addition to the Apple Watch. Specs’ Rumors; Improving the Apple Watch’s performance has been a concern for many, which started a rumor that sparked different talks about a new ultra tiny CPU chip. What does that mean for the latest Apple Watch? Well, this means that there is now a solution to the different problems that the first Apple Watch faced, as the new chip “ARM Cortex A32” won’t just enhance the Watch’s performance, but it will also consume less power, & elongate the battery life. The new CPU is 25% more efficient than the old one, & it also provides new power management features that will enable it to have more capabilities. Untethering Rumors; It’s been a pain for the first Apple Watch owners having to rely on their iPhones while using the Watch, which gave Apple the motive to work on their new “tether-less” project. The rumor is that a new wireless chip will be installed to allow the Apple Watch 2 to function independently without having to connect via Bluetooth with your iPhone. It was also rumored that an LTE radio will be installed to allow the 2nd generation Apple Watch to connect freely to the internet without having to tether. apple watch 2 Control & Integration Rumors; The first Apple Watch allows you to easily control your surroundings, but experts expect more. Having a smart home & a smart Watch to control it & set the mood for when you return home sounds like future talk, but it’s rumored that the 2nd generation Watch would be able to do that without you having to ask. It could mean that the Watch’s sensors would feel your body temperature & adjust the thermostats at your home for when you return, or even go out of the house without having to worry about losing your keys or forgetting your wallet with an advanced Apple Pay usage & having total control of your house. The new Apple Watch is expected to be released in 2016, but it’s still unclear when it will arrive. The talks in some reports suggest that it will be released in the 2nd quarter of 2016 in June at WWDC, but other reports suggest that it will be released on the 3rd quarter in September to align with the release of Apple’s new products. Overall, all the rumors make the new iWatch highly anticipated, as all the upgrades will enable the smart Watch to serve as your smart phone, in an easier, more efficient way to work quicker & access your data without having to pause. We personally can’t wait for its reveal & release.