WWDC 2016: A Lot’s New With the Apple Watch!

When Apple first introduced the Apple Watch a year back, it seemed that Apple had rushed it a bit. The Moto 360 was already there, and other companies were launching their own products – which meant that Apple feared on losing out on potential market share. Apple seemed to push itself to launch its own smart watch. The result was that we got a smartwatch only made for Apple’s loyal fans, and nobody else. There really wasn’t a lot to offer when it came to the OS or the built. The WWDC 2016 though, made the real entry of Apple smartwatches. The Watch OS3 has completely redone the Apple Watch experience. You will get a much faster Apple Watch performance, thanks to the improved OS, and the host of new features means that you would feel you own a new device itself. new apple watch image

The Top Features to Look Out For

Here are some of the top changes that you can expect to your Apple Watch with the new Watch OS 3.

No more lag

Apple watches were known for its sluggish speed. The hardware specs did not complement the software. Now, Apple seems to have done away with the problem, and app launches will be instant; 'seven times faster' than before, according to Apple.

Do More with Your Buttons

Apple Watches have just two physical buttons, one of which Apple solely kept for you to access your friends. Unfortunately, nobody used it much. Now, Apple has ensured that you can use this second button to view your recent apps and launches too with a cool new dock.

Easy Access to Settings

You can also access settings directly, in the Control Center by just swiping up on the screen. Plus, you get easy access to other apps like Do Not Disturb and Airplane Mode.

More Intent on Your Fitness

The new Watch OS also aims to make your fitness levels better. The new fitness app helps users to share all their information to their loved ones. So, you can share everything from your heart rate to your daily fitness goals progress. Also, you can challenge your friends to fitness goals too, and see how you compare against each other, building up friendly rivalry. There is no better way to accomplish a goal than to try to beat one another. The fitness app’s interface has gone in for a change too, and you can view as many as five metrics on the screen – which ensures that you do not have to swipe your screen everytime to see a different metric. You also have a new Breathe app on the Watch, which is aimed at checking your fitness metrics when you’re relaxing, and is perfect for wheelchair users who want to travek their fitness levels.


Now, you can type in your smart watch itself, with Apple’s new Scribble feature. It will allow you to write and respond to messages using your fingers; a good way to go if you’re looking to type on the go and do not want to take out your phone all the time.

Final Verdict

The new improvements means that you get a completely improved version of your Smartwatch. Some concerns do remain, including the dismal battery life which means that you need to charge our watch everyday- and we are sure you would want one that you need to charge weekly, not daily. Also, unlike some of its other competitors who have tried to develop smart watches that have a more ‘natural’ look, Apple has tried to develop smart watches that are ‘digital’. It’s not a bad thing, since smartwatches are a product of the digital age, but you might just prefer something that well, looks more like a watch than anything else.