Free Download Music from YouTube to iTunes

Undeniably, iTunes now is becoming one of the best media players and the handiest mobile application which has ever been developed. However, it is also the fact that we do have to pay for music from iTunes! It does costly! To save money, is there any way worked out to get free music in iTunes? Nevertheless, without any doubts, there is always a right solution to the corresponding problem! A most appropriate tool – Tunes Rebuilder, is especially designed to let you get free music in iTunes - free download songs from YouTube to iTunes. Then how to download songs from YouTube to iTunes exactly? Now, Tunes Rebuilder tells you! Tunes Rebuilder owns the enhanced features; it is as your personal music source and benefits you from getting free music from YouTube to iTunes in one step. Download it now and enjoy free music immediately! Windows version Mac version
How to Download Music from YouTube to iTunes?

Step 1. Launch the Program Launch the program, and switch Tunes Rebuilder interface to iTunes with Tunes Rebuilder taskbar beside by clicking the upper right last 4th button.

Step 2. Search Music on YouTube Select "YouTube to iTunes". And then search your target music on YouTube from web browser and copy the music link. Thus, when you back to the program, the music link will be automatically pasted to the blank under "YouTube to iTunes". 

Step 3. Free Download Songs from YouTube to iTunes Click Download to start downloading. After the download is done, the music will be automatically converted to MP3, added music tags and album artwork, and added to “YouTube Downloads” playlist in iTunes.
Yes, with such awesome iTunes helper, you can get your fill to enjoy any music that you like, wasting your money no more. More Features about Tunes Rebuilder – Make iTunes Be Real Master of Your Music
  • Transfer your Music from your iOS Device to iTunes
  • Use iTunes with Android
  • YouTube as your Personal Music Source
  • Complete your Entire Music Library
  • Manage Music without iTunes Restrictions
  • Share Your iTunes Playlist with One-click